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Stay at AVANTÉ Hotel and show your hotel key card for exclusive DISCOUNTS at WINDLAB Indoor Skydiving! Relax and unwind on your staycation, then head on over to Malaysia’s largest shopping mall, 1 Utama for an exhilarating indoor skydiving experience you will never forget. Let’s Fly! 


  • This promotion is valid until 31st December 2022.

  • This promotion is available for purchase until sold out or subject to WINDLAB Management discretion.

  • The offer is only valid at WINDLAB Indoor Skydiving 1 Utama for the following packages: 2-Flight Single Use (Peak & Off-Peak), 4-Flight Single Use (Peak & Off-Peak), 10-Flight Single Use (Peak & Off-Peak), 10-Flight Small Group (Peak & Off-Peak, For Sharing Up To 5), and 32-Flight Large Group (Peak & Off-Peak, For Sharing Up To 16).

  • This offer is applicable to both PEAK (anytime, including Selangor and National Public Holidays) and OFF-PEAK (mon-fri, excluding Selangor and National Public Holidays) package purchases.

  • To secure this deal, immediate payment at our front counter is required and cannot be "reserved" for later payment. 

  • Packages purchased are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase/payment. 

  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing deals, discounts, specials, or flash sales.

  • While at WINDLAB all persons must adhere to current COVID-19 SOPs. For the full list, please go to:

  • To purchase please present your promotion voucher and AVANTÉ Hotel room key card to our customer service desk upon payment.

  • Pre-booking of all flights is required. Please check availability by contacting WINDLAB via WhatsApp at:  +60 12-224 4342

Standard Provision of service:
•    Minimum 2-Flights per person - each flight is 50 seconds long.
•    For group sharing packages, the flight time will be equally distributed if the total flyers are less than the maximum number.
•    All flights must be completed within the same session. No carry forward is allowed.
•    Pre-flight training session included.
•    Gear-hire included [flight suit, helmet, earplugs, and goggles]
•    Hands-on assistance from your flight instructor during flight.
•    This experience takes approximately 1 hour 45 mins including all training and gear-up.


Optional Add-ons (No-discount):
•    Additional flights (RM35 Per Flight)
•    The High Ride (RM15 Per High Ride) – The High Ride is where one of our more experienced instructors flys each flyer towards the top of our       10M Tunnel (ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELECTED SESSIONS)
•    Photos & Video (RM90 per session). 


General Restrictions:
Most people can fly at WINDLAB if they are generally fit and healthy, however, there are some standard health and physical restrictions below.

• 3 years old and above
• Not Pregnant
• Not under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs
• Under 105kg if under 180cm, under 115kg if over 180cm
• Not wearing a hard plaster cast, or suffered any recent broken bones
• Does not have a history of any neck, back or heart conditions
• Has not previously suffered a dislocated shoulder
• Has not undergone any recent surgery
• Has signed our terms & conditions waiver form
• Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

If any of the above issues concerns you, please contact our team on WhatsApp +6012 224 4342 to discuss. 

Covid-19 Requirements:
•    Anyone (aged 12+) must be fully vaccinated (plus 14 days). Children (aged 12 years and below), must be accompanied by a fully             vaccinated (plus 14 days) parent or guardian.
•    All flyers must have “Low Risk” status on Mysejahtera.
•    All Flyers must be healthy with no symptoms of Covid-19.
•    All flyers must wear face mask before and after participating in the activity. Face masks will be removed for the activity itself. 

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