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Safe and exhilarating - that's what Indoor Skydiving is all about. It's a full simulation of the freefall part of skydiving - just without the plane or the risk!

We Fly Everyone

Indoor skydiving is fun for everyone – from 3 years old up! You don’t need any previous experience and the controlled skydiving simulator environment makes it safe for all levels of ability.

All of our packages provide the perfect introduction to the sport!

Standard Provision of service:

  • 2 Flights - each flight is the same as an outdoor skydive from 14,000 feet which is 50 seconds long

  • Comprehensive pre-flight training session

  • Flight suit, helmet, ear plugs and goggles

  • Constant personal assistance from your flight instructor during flight

  • This experience takes approximately 1 hour 45 mins including all training and gear up

Add-ons (additional charges apply):

  • MORE flights

  • Photos and Videos to reminisce on the fun

  • The HighRide (The High Ride is where one of our more experienced instructors whizzes each flyer towards the top of our 10m high flying chamber)

  • And so much more!

For more information, WhatsApp us @ +6012 224 4342!

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